Connecting the Art World Online


Investing in and Developing Digital Platforms to Grow Audiences and Connect the Art World


We invest in, and develop relevant digital platforms to help build new audiences, demystify the art world and to increase ease of access to high quality information and artwork. 


Our Associated Platforms


OCULA delivers comprehensive access to the programmes of leading art galleries around the world. Limited to 400 galleries, participants are rigorously selected by peer review. This is complemented by OCULA Magazine's editorial content, which explores the people, ideas and events that shape contemporary art worldwide. Our renowned OCULA Conversations feature interviews with curators, artists, collectors and art world figures; and OCULA Reports examines contemporary art events and exhibitions. OCULA'S editorial team is based in Hong Kong, a burgeoning art centre and our correspondents file from cities including New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, London, Los Angeles and Berlin. In particular, OCULA presents a fresh perspective from the Asia Pacific region.


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